Mz. Baldy

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Bio :

Mz.Baldy is an inspiring radio & TV personality as well an upcoming model. Her primary overall career interest is being a network program director. She received her degree in broadcasting journalism from Langston University. Mz.Baldy gained her first experience in radio, when she was in college. In addition, she was also the host of, an Oklahoma City media outlet. She was able to gain and master skills of production, management, marketing, and on-air training during her undergrad experience. She began her modeling career in 2013 with The Elite studios. Working in radio is what inspired to pursue modeling. Mz.Baldy is epitome of ambition. She was once quoted in a local radio station interview. “I’m ready to be the jack of all trades in this industry, whatever it takes, I’m going do it. I DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!”

            For updates on Mz.Baldy click the links below to follow her on social media.  You can also find her on  SnapChat at Mz.Baldy.

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